Wednesday, October 29, 2008

About Me

Welcome to Delia Garden..

Before I start my posting, I, Lydia would like to express my thanks to sis Hana who have encouraged me to start my blog and make my dreams come true. And also thanks to my hubby who is understanding. Thanks to both of you.
My dreams to create this blog has been succeeded. For everbody information, I want to introduce my business extensively on website and blog. Thanks God, my inspiration and dreams has come true. This proved that mothers who is working and hold various responsibilities can succeed in whatever they are aiming for. You, too can succeed.
My dreams and ambition is to expand my online business because in Islam 99% income comes from busness. Thanks God after all the hard work that I have done, now I reap the fruit.
After doing a lot of thinking on how to increase my family income, I still can't figure out how, my mind just went blank. At first, I thought of selling nasi lemak, but its not an easy task. It's difficult to meet everyone expectation, as I am not a professional chef and also because lack of capital. Interest is not enough to support what I am thinking.
One day, I visited one forum which has buying and selling going on. My interest develop from there. From just see and sometime purchase items there, I tell myself I want to take part as seller in that forum. And from there onwards, I save up my capital to start my business there. At last, I managed to open up a store there, selling branded children clothing. Please visit my humble store at DELIAGARDEN e-SHOPPE AT WMC
Actually, purchasing those clothing are not for your children only, but it can be purchase as gift for your niece & nephew, neighbour or your friends children. Most of my customer purchased my product as a gift. This is the best gift for children. Branded gift not necessary to be expensive. You can be ensure that my product can meet everyone's budget.
In time to come, I will include children clothing on latest fashion. The most important thing is that it will be brand name clothing. You can choose different sizes and age. Don't worry, I will give good price for everybody. The more you shop at my store, the more you can save. Not only you can save on petrol, you can save on time and energy. With children on hand to look for and your shopping bag is not a small task.......please avoid missing your children at shopping center if possible!! I also have children and I know how is like to have your children missing right under your nose.
If you have any suggestion and quetions, do not feel shy, please email me. I will try my best to help you in anyway that I can!
Last but not least, thank you for spending time reading my blog. I hope in days to come, will always bring you and your family happiness!! InsyaAllah.

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